Customs Clearance

Custom brokerage is the core service of KTB Logistics supplemented by customs consulting services and delivery. Customs clearance procedures for imports and exports are particularly complicated and unable to apply the same in different countries. In particular, if the documentation is not prepared properly and carefully, any discrepancies can cause to the delays, additional costs incurred and even penalties. KTB Logistics will advise customers how to solve the problem proficiently, with the guidance of customs clearance procedures.
The quickly and efficiently settlement procedures of internationally transport is a vital link to the success of a supply chain logistics. KTB Logistics is confirmed a profesional provider of multimodal logistics solutions in the field.
KTB Logistics was formed by a team of professional customs clearance and import and export specialists.
• Procedures for import and export goods
• The procedures for  temporarily imported goods
• Port Forwarding Procedures
• Procedures for payment and reimbursement procedures, tax exemption, tax collection procedure, adjustment procedure of wrong tax payment at the border customs, air customs airport, industial zone customs …
• Consultating procedures for import of machinery and equipment, tools of fixed assets, licensing procedures, lists of free tax goods, confirmation of  synchronous line procedure, C/O.
• Procedures for quarantine, animal quarantine and food safety and hygiene .
• Quality control procedures, announced product components, announced the standard …
• Procedures for re-export the goods are uncorrect about quality, types, specifications, broken contract in the both cases of customs declaration and not yet customs declaration.
• Confirm the cost of goods, classification of goods
• Preservation vouchers.
• Consulting clearance procedures:
– Clearance procedures for all types of import and export goods: business goods , investment , outsourcing, export production, export and import in place, project cargo, temporarily imported for re – export goods, temporarily exported for re – import goods, exhibition goods, aid goods , goods in transit, and non – tradable goods .
– Goods Policy Advisory, HS pressure, calculation of customs duties, customs valuation, customs goods inspection, consultation rates, customs clearance inspection.
– Consulting forms of international payments: L/C, TT …
– Consulting about electronic customs declaration, acount electronic customs declaration registration.

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